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Paint shouldn’t be permanent and limiting; it should be exciting. OTW paints is an interior paint that can be easily removed with an eco-friendly solution without any trace or residue. It’s just that simple. Paint, remove, throw away.

Off The Wall Paints

What if paint wasn’t permanent? What if you could wipe it off? No, not like dry erase markers! What if it was permanent until YOU decided it wasn’t? No mess, no fuss. Just wipe it off and start over… again, and again. Would you create? Would you inspire? Would you dream?


But the real question is, what will you do?

Our Story

Delaine Daugharty is a teacher. A teacher who wanted more for her students, her classroom, and her school. With a heart for special needs students and a vision of creating the best learning environment, she hit a cinderblock wall. Literally. Off The Wall Paints was created, and now Delaine is partnering with teachers around the nation to bring life to their walls. So, what will you do with Off The Wall Paints?

How it Works